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Simple and masterly...Great steaks

My wife and I dined at this restaurant by chance and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Being from a country of Wagyu, our criteria for steaks (yes, not just for fish ;-)) are rather high. In Belgium where food is excellent all around, one dish that has eluded us was a delicious steak...till last weekend; we ate our best steak in Belgium. The chef must have prepared the meet carefully well in advance; the Irish rib eye steak was soft and had consistent delicate taste into the depth of the meet. Although we were served with good sauce, we ate the steaks mostly without it, because of the fine flavor of the steaks themselves. We were so impressed that we decided to skip desserts and ordered a third steak instead! The steaks were grilled by charcoal from the side, not from below (have never seen this before), so that the whole meet was grilled long enough with infrared rays, therefore there were no burnouts or cold raw parts.The accompanying salad was fresh and the dressing was subtly supportive of the natural taste of the steaks. The staff were very busy but effective and friendly. We will definitely visit this restaurant when we come back to Bruges.

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Another good meal

We visit In 't Nieuw Museum every time we visit Bruges and it never lets us down. Excellent food and of course beer. Highly recommended restaurant.

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Great Food

Food great and the atmosphere was outstanding, you will not be leg down.

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everything is nice except...

Service. May be improved. I prefer not to left any money because they do not do anything to deserve it. But all in all this is a good choice in brugge

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Third Visit to In 't Nieuw Museum

Another very enjoyable meal. Although the menu seemed more limited this time and the steaks not quite of the same quality as our last visit. My Scampi was excellent with a hint of chilli that worked really well. I would definitely try again. It's a little off the beaten track but Bruges being Bruges, nowhere is too far away.

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Always excellent

We have eaten here several times and it is always excellent. The only time we were disappointed was once when we didn't check the opening hours and the restaurant was closed when we turned up. Now thanks to Restobookings we can book ahead and guarantee a table on the night we want. The steak on this occasion was the best we've ever had here, or anywhere for that matter! The decor has been updated slightly since we were last there but not so much that it takes away too much of the character. We always go to In 't Nieuw Museum whenever we visit Bruges, it has become a tradition for us.

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Meat, grilled on a firepit, what's not to like? I dont think I can eat anywhere else in Brugge now after our visit here. I would only warn you to leave your expectations on service at the door. There is a little wait for your order, but it is worth it. The serving staff were rushing around non stop and the cook permanently had meat grilling away. They maybe just need an extra pair of hands to help. Would absolutely recommend a visit. Make sure you book.

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Great Meal

Third meal now and not any problems. Great food and service, loved it.

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lekkere ribbetjes, super cote à los en zeer vriendelijke, behulpzame bediening een aanrader voor een gezellige avond

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As great as ever.....

Hadn't visited the Nieuw Museum for a number of years but found it realtivley unchanged, which was a great relief as it was always a fabulous family run restaurant. Portion sizes were generous and the flavours truly memorable. Great atmosphere and the staff were always there when needed.Small but perfectly formed beer list. You will not be disappointed. Walk off the sumptuous food your way back in to town.

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