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Beoordeeld op: 30/12/2018
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After spending more than €150 for two and my...

Not having booked a restaurant up front, we ended up at De Mosselkelder, as we felt like fish that evening. And fishy it was. If you ever smell bleach in your wine glass in a restaurant (which was the case, althought the Pouilly Fumé of 45€ was good), do run! We made the mistake to stay, even after oysters that were clearly not fresh (a week ago we had fresh ones for comparison). Although the house salad was barely passable, my sol with cream sauce came clearly straight from the deep freezer/microwave. The half "fresh" lobster of my girlfriend however was not worth the price, neither the food poisoning she has endured the following days. It was so bad, that I took the effort to write this review. Other people seemed have enjoyed their mussels, so if you do end up in this tourist trap, and would like to have an enjoyable meal, that would seem to be your best option. Otherwise, it is an embarrassment for our Belgian cuisine in general, so I would advice to book a better restaurant in advance to avoid this kind of tourist trap/stomach trouble.

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Vraiment magnifique ! J'y suis allée en groupe,...

Vraiment magnifique ! J'y suis allée en groupe, 14 personnes, on a tous pris un menu et on a tous été ravi !!! Des plats simples mais très bien préparés, un superbe waterzoi de poisson pour moi. Pour la première fois de ma vie j'ai vraiment bien mangé à Bruges et pour pas cher. Adresse à garder en mémoire et à conseiller.

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Service correct, nourriture excellente et le...

Service correct, nourriture excellente et le cadre est superbe, restaurant situé dans des caves.

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Met de studentenclub eens heerlijke mosselen...

Met de studentenclub eens heerlijke mosselen gegeten. Moet lang geleden zijn.

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