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Il sorriso della nonna (englisch)

A year ago, I went to the most sublime Italian restaurant I’ve ever been. It’s situated about 100 meters of the centre of Damme. The moment I entered the restaurant, I became overwhelmed by the cosiness. There was playing peaceful music, candlelight’s on the table and on the walls, there hang paintings of Italian people. The lady of the house took of our coats. A first good impression. The size of the room is not big but also not small, it’s just good enough. We had to choose between a couple of tables, we chose a round one. It talks easier. From the place where we were seated, we could see the bar where the barkeeper is making drinks. Next to the cutlery, there were lying a sort of tasty, crispy wholegrain bread- sticks, named: gruissini. Then, the lady of the house did an excellent explanation about the Italian wines. And recommended things from the cart. The smell of fresh made pizza did his job and I took one. I certainly didn’t regret that. I chose a normal Margherita Pizza. It was very tasteful! For dessert, I took a Italian classic, tiramisu. It was how I imagined, absolutely delicious. When I went to the toilet, I was surprised how clean it was. There hang fresh towels and by the sink, there stood a fresh-smelled soap, I think it was lavender. So the hygiene was very good. The service was average, we had to wait a long time till our food arrived. So, the food was excellent and tasteful but it was not cheap at all… When you are in Damme and you search a place to eat, there is only one address.

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Dames en heren, vergeet alles wat je denkt...

Dames en heren, vergeet alles wat je denkt te weten over Italianen in Brugge en omstreken en spoed je naar dit restaurant. Super gezellige inrichting, lekker eten en een meer dan aantrekkelijk wijkaart. Dan zeg ik nog niets over de goede, vreindelijke bediening het mooie tafellinnen, kortom, hier is het zeer aangenaam en lekker. Een oase in de Brugse Italiaanse woestenij.

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Landelijk gelegen. Verzorgd interieur. Behalv...

Landelijk gelegen. Verzorgd interieur. Behalve de kaart en de wijnen valt er niet veel italiaans te bespeuren. Redelijk goede prijs/kwaliteitverhouding. Vriendelijke bediening.

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leuk resto met originele italiaanse bereidingen...

leuk resto met originele italiaanse bereidingen,zoals het hoort!

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