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A business colleague decided to visit this...

A business colleague decided to visit this team room, looking for a quick, warm drink and a little respite from the chilly weather. Less than five minutes later we were on the doorstep being screamed at by the owner - a feat worthy of Basil Fawlty. As we entered the café and showed ourselves to a seat, a short, balding man looked at us with disgust and discarded two menus on the table – we were to find that this was actually the owner, who seems to fancy himself as a host. I went to the toilet and left my colleague to order a drink, to which she received a short berating from the owner “is that all?” and “no, you can’t order this” – spoken with such contempt that surrounding diners were providing sympathetic glances. My colleague, quite understandably left after being humiliated by this horrible man. When I returned, I was directed to the door by the owner, who pursued me outside and began to scream at us both on the doorstep “how dare you come into my establishment and order only a drink” “I have bills to pay” “what country are you from, where you only order a drink” He went on, reducing my colleague to tears as we tried to make sense of the situation – wisdom told us that there was something wrong this man and we walked off. I frequently travel and I frequently drink in café’s or tea rooms and they thrive on friendliness and hospitality. Choose to go here and you’re just another bill to ring through the till - and that’s if you’re lucky.

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