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Beoordeeld op: 19/11/2017

Rude service, lynched because of Wonderbox

Very rude staff. The owner is even worse. Not a welcome, not a good table (just in front of the vestiaire in an almost-empty restaurant. The first time they talk to us is for saying that the drinks are not included in the Wonderbox. The menu is imposed with our Wonderbox contrary to what is desribed on the Wonderbox website and the waiter only tell us 1 opening & 1 dish. After asking again they suggested us a few other choices for the opening but forced us to take the unique dish. The owner even allowed herself to make inappropriate remark to us for not eating the appetizer. After all this we decided to leave before the main dish that was imposed to us to not waste it & because we didn't want to suffer this catastrophic service. We told the waiter that the reason was the service & the owner's attitude. He replied to us "It's the owner, can't do anything"... I felt that they were rude to us because we had a Wonderbox (why do they partner with them then?) or/and because we didn't talk Dutch. I came to this conclusion after seeing other dutch tables being warm welcomed, very cared while another non-dutch speaking table was leaving after a few minutes because the staff was rude. Also a french-speaking family wanted to come in for a drink and they just pushed them back to the street telling them to go anywhere else.

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Een schande voor Brugge

Ondanks de hoge prijs van het eten....wij hebben het gewoon laten staan zo vies was het. Eigenaar ging met ons in discussie ipv te proberen om een oplossing te vinden. Hebben 63 euro voor 2 glazen wijn en een water betaald want het eten hebben we laten staan. Er zijn veel goede restaurants in Brugge...laat Verdi links liggen, zonde van je geld

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Cadre, nourriture, service impeccable. Si vous...

Cadre, nourriture, service impeccable. Si vous voulez passer un moment au calme en écoutant de la bonne musique tout en vous régalant courez y vite. Endroit envoutant

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zeer lekker en prijs-kwaliteit sterk. gezellig...

zeer lekker en prijs-kwaliteit sterk. gezellig rustiek kader met op de achtergrond muziek van...jawel Verdi. Beetje afstandelijke ober, maar de gastvrouw bleek charmant.

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No complaints about the quality of the food...

No complaints about the quality of the food but one major complaint about the service encountered yesterday, 30 September 2004. Our English-speaking party of 4 received 4 desserts instead of the 2 ordered! Despite our protests, there was no absolute fleixbility on the part of the manager who insisted the mistake was ours and not his. We then had to pay for food which we had definitely NOT ordered and the experience thoroughly spoiled an otherwise excellent meal. I have been to this establishement several times with visitors from the UK but shall certainly never darken its door again!

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